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Video Conversion API Service

The OpenCrypt Video Conversion API is designed to allow you to transcode/convert video you have uploaded to your server into Flash Video format suitable for displaying on your site with an embedded video player. After providing the Video Conversion API with your video file the API then provides the converted video and a thumbnail of the video for transfer back to your server for hosting, the Video Conversion API also provides metadata information such as video duration, height and width.
The Video Conversion API is necessary because most web hosting companies won't allow access to the programs required to convert/transcode videos due to the load they place on system resources, this means without a dedicated server it is very difficult to convert videos online. The Video Conversion API enables users on any web server to convert videos to be including in web site content which is becoming increasingly popular for product demonstrations, social networks and other content.
The Video Conversion API is integrated with OpenCrypt version 1.8 to offer video management tools, and to enable you to upload and include videos with your products and in your picture gallery. However, the API isn't just for use with OpenCrypt, we invite all developers to use the API with their own tools and services.
Registration for the Video Conversion API is completely free and all new users are given 50,000 free API credits. API credits provide access to all our APIs including the Video Conversion API and IP Location API.
To register for the Video Conversion API simply register a my.OpenCrypt account and visit the API Overview page.

Once you have used your 50,000 free API credits you can purchase additional credits as follows:

100,000 API Credits
£5 GBP
1,000,000 API Credits
£30 GBP

Video Conversion API Information

The cost of transcoding a video is dependent on the average of the file sizes of the video input and output, and is charged at 1 credit for every 2.5kb of video transcoded. If your source/input file is 1Mb, and the output FLV file is 2Mb, the size 1.5Mb will be used for the calculation, the credits cost in this case would be 600 credits, which depending upon the quantity of credits you purchase would not cost more than £0.03 GBP.
The maximum size for the source video is currently 512Mb. The video conversion API offers numerous quality options so you can produce small filesize/low quality videos, or high quality videos which have a larger filesize. The video conversion API also enables you to set the video size, the audio sample rate and the video aspect ratio enabling you to generate widescreen videos if required. Videos in the following formats are acceptable: AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, OGG, OGV and WMV. Further video formats are compatible but have not been tested, please contact us if you would like us to test another video format or require an option which is not currently available.


Example Video

The following video has been converted with the Video Conversion API (as has the video at the top of the page). The original video was an AVI file which was 171Mb, three versions are shown below which have been converted using the Video Conversion API with various quality settings. The orginal and converted videos are 640 pixels high by 360 pixels wide so please take this into account if viewing the video in fullscreen on a large monitor.

Medium Quality

2Mb FLV File

High Quality

4.5Mb FLV File

Very High Quality

28.5Mb FLV File

If you pay careful attention to the clouds at the top of the video you will notice the compression artifacts in the medium quality version which are not present in the very high quality version. Whether this is acceptable in return for saving 26.5Mb is dependent upon your requirements, for most purposes these minor artifacts should not be a concern.


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