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IP Location API Service

The IP Location API enables you to detect user location based on a user's IP address. Quite simply, you provide the API with an IP address and it returns the country that IP is registered to.
The IP Location API is integrated with OpenCrypt version 1.8 to offer improved statistics which now include user locations and usage per country data. However, the API isn't just for use with OpenCrypt, we invite all developers to use the API with their own tools and services.
Registration for the IP Location API is completely free and all new users are given 50,000 free API credits. API credits provide access to all our APIs including the IP Location API and Video Conversion API.
To register for the IP Location API simply register a my.OpenCrypt account and visit the API Overview page.

Once you have used your 50,000 free API credits you can purchase additional credits as follows:

100,000 API Credits
£5 GBP
1,000,000 API Credits
£30 GBP

OpenCrypt IP Location Example

OpenCrypt IP Location Example When the IP Location tool is used with OpenCrypt, the software is able to display user location information based on IP address data.
This also enables the software to display data such as which countries most of your visitors are located in.
This information is extremely useful as it enables you to understand and adapt to your visitors, for example you could use the IP location tool to automatically detect the user's location and then display your site content in a language which may be more convenient for the user.


Example IP Location Request

Your IP Address:
Country Code: US
Country Name: United States
Country Flag: United States


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