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Article/Content Manager

Article Manager
The OpenCrypt Article Manager offers a convenient and easy to use system for managing your content. Unlike content management systems, the article manager is targeted towards article content, either category based or with a table of contents style overview.

The system offers extensive features, including a WYSIWYG HTML editor allowing your web site visitors to update and edit your content, which is in-turn submitted for review by the administrator. Articles can also include a comments and rating system allowing users to post feedback to your content.

The system is fully template based and is ideal for delivering course or learning material in a structured and easy to use format, and should you wish to adjust your web site design, simply update the template and all your will appear in the new design - instantly.

The article manager also enables you to target articles to users who have registered for specific subscriptions/membership groups.

The article manager is category and group based which allows you to manage an unlimited number of collections of articles, all of which can be displayed individually as you require, ensuring articles do not appear associated when they are not.

Features and Benefits

  • Unlimited categories, content groups and articles.
  • Comprehensive administration and management tools including WYSIWYG HTML editor.
  • Visitor comments and rating system.
  • Automated table of contents generation and article navigation.
  • Target articles to specific subscription/membership groups and products - only users who have registered for the appropriate subscriptions(s) or purchased the appropriate products may view the article.
  • Set article delivery time delays and expiration delays, allowing you to post articles which become available to users for a specific period of their membership.
  • 'Edit Article' tool allowing web site visitors to submit adjustments to your articles pending review by an administrator.
  • Integrates directly with PHP login interface and OpenCrypt statistics/tracking system.
  • Manage all your web site content, across multiple domains/web sites.

    Examples of Article Manager

    • The OpenCrypt Blog

      The OpenCrypt Blog is managed using the OpenCrypt article manager.

    • Apache .htaccess Guide and Tutorial

      Our .htaccess guide is also managed using the OpenCrypt article manager, this is infact the same central OpenCrypt installation and database as the OpenCrypt Blog so content for both is managed with the same system.
    • A-Z Animals uses a customised version of the OpenCrypt Article Manager add-on to manage all their 'Animals', 'Reference' and 'Blog' article content.

     £49 GBP

    Article Administration
    OpenCrypt Article Manager Add-On: Administration System

    Article Administration

    Example Article
    OpenCrypt Article Manager Add-On: Frontend

    Example Article

    Online Demonstration

    To view a demonstration of the article manager please select one of the following links:

    - Article Administration

    - Article Frontend

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