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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
TopOpenCrypt DocumentationStatistics

A guide and information relating to the OpenCrypt statistics system.

Sales Report

The Sales Report in the OpenCrypt statistics system provides a detailed overview of sales and revenue trends over a specified time period, providing you with the ability to report accurately on your revenue.

Date Range: Allows you to define the date range that the report is run over, for example so that you can get quarterly or annual revenue figures.

Total Revenue: Allows you to view the revenue earned per month over the specified date range. This report is broken down into monthly summaries of data and a bar chart.

Subscriptions: Allows you to see an overview of the percentage of new users signing up for each subscription type, including the total initial revenue from each of these subscription types. This report is broken down into data and a pie chart.

Shopping Cart Products: Allows you to see the most popular products that are purchased from within users shopping carts. This report is broken down o summaries of data and a pie chart.

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