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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
TopOpenCrypt DocumentationStatistics

A guide and information relating to the OpenCrypt statistics system.


The OpenCrypt statistics system provides a detailed insight into the way that your site is being used.

Structure of the statistics pages in OpenCrypt

At the top of each statistics page are various options that enable you to control the report you are seeing, they are:

Statistics Type: Allows you to switch between the different reports available.

View Raw Data: Allows you to see a formatted list of the data used to build the statistics graphs.

View CSV Data: Allows you to see a list of the data used to build graphs in CSV format for direct viewing, or for copy and paste into other reporting or analysis tools.

View Stats: Allows you to choose the time period of your report, for example 'Yesterday', or 'This Month'. Alternatively 'Custom Date' ranges can be used.

Custom Date: Allows you to define a custom start and end date for the report, the 'Custom Date' option must be selected in the 'View Stats' field when selecting custom start and end dates.

Search Keyword: Allows you to choose a keyword to filter the statistics by, such as username.

Search Field: Allows you to choose the field that the keyword search is conducted against.

Exact Match: Ensures that keyword searches are matched exactly, for example capitalisation, if not selecting the search will match any action which begins with your search term. e.g. 'php_log' will match 'php_login' and 'php_logged_in', but not 'example_php_log'.

As long as 'View Raw Data' or 'View CSV Data' are not selected, statistics will be shown with either 'Date Range' or 'Top 10' style summaries unless otherwise stated, full details are below.

Statistics Type

This provides a summary of the common reports available in the Statistics Type selection.

Frontend Activity Log provides details of the access to any parts of the OpenCrypt frontend, such as the user account manager interface and registration form.

Admin Activity Log provdes details of all the actions that have happened within the OpenCrypt Administration Panel.

Registration Statistics provdes details of registrations per day over the current date range, and a summary of the percentages applying for each subscription type.

Revenue Statistics provides a breakdown of all the transactions conducted over the specified date range, in the format of a log.

Member's Area Statistics provides details of the specific members area accesses, including frequency, a breakdown of area popularity, which users are most active, most popular IP addresses, and most popular referrers.

PHP Login Interface Statistics provides details of all the uses of the PHP login interface, including statistics for the pages it is included in. Statistics are as for Members Area, but with the addition of most popular browsers and countries.

Download Statistics provides details of the number of files downloaded in a date range, most popular files, and then most popular usernames, IP addresses, referrers, browsers and countries.

Frontend Failed Logins provides details of all failed logins in a date range, with summaries for action, username, IP address, referrer, browser, and country.

Admin Failed Logins provides details of all failed logins to the OpenCrypt Administration Panel, broken down as per Frontend Failed Logins.

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