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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
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Miscellaneous FAQ relating to the configuration section which are not necessarily specific to another category.

I would like to offer a 30 day free trial followed by a paid annual membership subscription.

Assuming you are using the PayPal payments integration, setup a subscription with 'Free Membership' and 'PayPal Subscriptions' enabled. Enable tiers 1 and 2, set the tier 1 duration as 30 and the repeat as 0. Then set the tier 2 duration as 365 and the repeat as 99.
After the initial 30 days the account will expire and the user will be required to renew the account by setting up a PayPal payment subscription, once done all payments will be automated and no further action will be necessary.
If using the, ProtX or WorldPay integration, the system will require the user return to renew the account and submit a new payment each time a payment is required.
Barclays ePDQ integration supports automatic recurring payments, though certain constraints apply due to the design of their system.

See membership software features

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