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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation
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Miscellaneous FAQ relating to the configuration section which are not necessarily specific to another category.

For an annual subscription that should renew once every 365 days, what is the correct entry for 'Repeat' under the 'Subscription Tiers' configuration section.

The 'Repeat' option specifies how many times to repeat that subscription tier, before moving to the next. e.g. If subscription tier 1 has a duration of 10 days, a cost of $1 USD and a repeat of 3. The user will be required to pay $1 USD per 10 days of membership, this will repeat three times, e.g. Until the account has been open for 30 days and they have paid $3 USD. After the 30 days, when the account is renewed the next subscription tier will apply. If non exists, the account will be closed and cannot be renewed. Either, set your 'Repeat' to a high number, for annual subscriptions setting this to '10' or '20' is adequate as this will cover 10/20 years of usage. If the subscription tier is to be used indefinitely, then enter a very high number, e.g. '99'.

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