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New Product: myRepono Website Backup Service
Tuesday 21st September 2010

If you read our blog article ionix in 2010, you will have read the following:
"ionix have also been working on a number of other projects, one of which will be launching in 2010."
Well the time has come, it is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of our latest web application (which marks the beginner of ionix's entry into numerous new markets), myRepono.
myRepono Website Backup Service

myRepono is an online website backup service enabling you to securely backup your web sites using an online and web-based management system.
The myRepono online website backup service allows you to automate the process of backing up your web site. Once you've setup the easy-to-install backup API you simply select which files and mySQL databases you would like to backup and myRepono takes care of the rest, automatically backing up your site as frequently as you require.
The myRepono backup service is ideal for any database driven website which has changing content or data, for example any web site running Locked Area or OpenCrypt, or any content management or e-commerce software. If you use a content management system for your web site, do you make backups of your database every time you update your content? If not, you risk losing your hard work!
The importance of maintaining regularly backups can never been underestimated, what would you do if you didn't have up-to-date sales records for your online shop when your database becomes corrupted? What if you lost all those great comments on your blog? What if you accidentally delete something you haven't backed up? It happens to the best of us, including big names like Pixar, who managed to delete Toy Story 2!
One web site is being hacked every 5 seconds, this doesn't just affect big name corporations, over 50% of online hacking affects small and medium size businesses, and non-profit organisations.
You may think your host keeps backups, but those of you who have ever tried to restore those backups will know it's often not that simple. Host backups are often out-of-date and worse than that, you will find the host unable to restore the backup or only able to restore the entire backup, restoring what you've lost but reverting everything else back to an older version. We at ionix experienced these difficulties back in 2009 when our database became disrupted, one of our hosts (one of the best in the business) was unable to restore any of their backups - this is what provoked us to develop myRepono.
You can learn about the importance of backing up by following the myRepono Website Backup Blog which provides backup tips and advice as well as stories of those who didn't backup, or who were very glad they did!
For a limited time myRepono are offering all new customers $5 USD of credit free of charge so you can start using the myRepono website backup service at no cost. Sign-up now to ensure you don't miss your free credit!
During September and October 2010 the myRepono website backup service will be in the final stage of it's public beta test, as such all reasonable usage will be free of charge for beta testers for the duration of the beta test!

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New Product: myRepono Website Backup Service
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