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ionix in 2010
Wednesday 28th April 2010

ionix has been quiet lately and we wanted to explain why and to give you a sneak peak of what we have planned for 2010.
OpenCrypt version 1.9

OpenCrypt Version 1.9 Preview
Administration Panel: User Account Details
Version 1.9 has been in development for several months and will be released very soon. It will include a re-vamped administration panel with interactive Flash graphs, and an array of new features including support for new payment processors like Epoch and FirstData. Version 1.9 has also been re-structured for improved multi-language support - all text is now stored in the database and a new translation system has been added for easy translation of the frontend. We currently have a French translation of the software with German and Italian translations in development. Other notable features include the new administration panel permissions system enabling you to restrict access to the administration panel on a function by function basis, the permissions system also allows you to control which membership subscription groups your administrators can manage.
New Developments

Development of the long awaited OpenCrypt version 2.0 (a complete from-scratch re-write of the software in PHP) was haulted for several months in 2009 but we are very pleased to announce development has restarted at full force. We don't want to give too much away, but at this point we intend to release a new content management system later this year which will evolve into a replacement for OpenCrypt under a new brand. the product will ultimately become what we have termed a 'website management system' giving you all the components you need to easily build a powerful and modern web site. All OpenCrypt customers will be able to use either product under their existing licenses.
ionix have also been working on a number of other projects, one of which will be launching in 2010. Further details will be released over the upcoming months.
Office Move

ionix Limited has moved offices - back to it's roots in Suffolk, UK. The company office is now based in Ipswich, Suffolk.
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OpenCrypt Version 1.9
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ionix in 2010
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