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OpenCrypt 1.8 New Feature Highlights
Friday 2nd October 2009

Following the launch of OpenCrypt version 1.8, there are some new features which we would like to explain further.
OpenCrypt now handles video!

OpenCrypt Video Manager
The OpenCrypt Video Manager can now be found in the OpenCrypt Administration Panel, and provides a central location for managing videos to be used in your site.
The upload of any standard video type is supported, either through the interface or via FTP, and the videos can be converted to a format suitable for use with the video player which is now built in to OpenCrypt.
Video conversion is handled by the new OpenCrypt Video Conversion API, and videos converted in this manner will be sent to the OpenCrypt servers for processing, before being delivered back to your site in a format suitable for the player.
The whole of the OpenCrypt system has been updated to handle videos. They can now be used in the Picture Gallery and in the new Online Shop system (for example as part of a product listing) directly from the configuration menus for these sections, you can also use the videos in your web site content using standard HTML to embed the player.
If you wish to register to use the Video Conversion API, please visit to receive an API key and to obtain details of how to activate the API.
OpenCrypt now provides full country location statistics!

Following the launch of the OpenCrypt IP Location API it is now possible to see country information across all of the OpenCrypt statistics.
When the IP Location API is enabled, OpenCrypt will display the country (based on IP address lookup) of each user in their details in the User Account Management section of the OpenCrypt administration panel, and against every section of the OpenCrypt interface where the username is listed, for example in the statistics section.
In addition to this, some of the statistics have been enhanced to give a breakdown by country based on this data so you can see the countries where your web site is most popular. .
If you wish to register to use the IP Location API, visit to receive an API key and to obtain details of how to activate the API.
New online shop system

OpenCrypt Online Shop
The online shop system has been completely revised in this version of OpenCrypt. Updates have been made to the product manager, and a product categories manager has been added to give you much greater flexibility in providing a shopping system for your site.
Notable features include:
  • Video can now be included as part of a product listing using videos from the OpenCrypt Video Manager or those embedded via HTML from another video source.
  • Multiple images can now be added for each product.
  • Full meta descriptions and keywords can now be added to products and categories, enabling search engines to accurately crawl and list your shop products.
  • Audio can now be included as part of a product listing, using a built in audio player.
  • Full inventory support allows items to be automatically marked as 'Out of Stock' when all available items have been sold.
  • Support for custom fields and options within each product enables you to list additional details against each product. These values are accessible via PHP and can be used to trigger advanced functions for each product.
  • Related products system enables you to set up related products against each individual product, enabling you to target your customers with specific items of interest.
  • Support for custom templates for each individual products and categories allows you the flexibility to define custom templates using the 'Templates and Styles' manager which can then be applied to specific categories or products, for example to highlight special offers.
  • A product reviews system allows your users to review products in the shop, which can then be approved by a site administrator before being displayed in the appropriate product listing.
  • A pending orders system has also been added, allowing sites that ship products to customers the opportunity to review all outstanding orders, print postage labels and notify the customer that their order has been dispatched or placed on hold until new stock has arrived. This system has support for tracking information that is often provided when using courier services.
  • Quantity discounts can now be added to each individual product, to allow you to offer cheaper prices for users purchasing larger quantities of your products.

Improved payment processor support

The Payment Processor system in OpenCrypt has been updated to allow simultaneous use of multiple payment processors, thereby giving you and your users the opportunity to choose the payment processor that meets their needs.
Additional support has been added for AlertPay and eWay, and the Sagepay/ProtX integration has been updated to provide better handling of the full 3d secure identity checking system.
Statistics improvements

The statistics system that is provided by default in every OpenCrypt installation has seen some significant enhancements, some of the more prominent are listed here:
  • Sales Reporting allows you to produce a report of sales to be broken down on a monthly basis and analysed, for example to provide quarterly sales reports.
  • Future Billing allows you to perform a statistical analysis of future subscription renewals to help calculate forthcoming revenue.
  • Visitor location information is now included in all statistics when the IP Location API is enabled.
  • Pending Orders system allows accurate tracking of shop orders awaiting dispatch.

OpenCrypt demonstration

To view an online demonstration of OpenCrypt version 1.8, please see our online demonstation.

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